Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Red Cross VAI 2008

Those of us who are committed to the RRT Project recognize that in a perfect world there would be little need for what we do. But, then again, we also recognize this is not a perfect world. The school shootings in Jonesboro, Columbine, and across this nation stand as stark reminders that violence can, and will, stalk our children even into those very institutions where they should be the safest. Natural and man-made disasters occur routinely in this nation and our kids face medical emergencies on a daily basis around this great country. As adults, we can bury our heads and bolster our own courage with prayers and good wishes that our kids are never faced with the horrors that the world all too often inflicts upon others. Or, we can continue to use our best efforts to protect our children while at the same time empowering our kids to fend for themselves when desperate times call for action. When you truly stop to think about it, the only legitimate course of action is to train our children how to respond safely and effectively when disaster strikes.

The goal of the Arkansas Rapid Response Team Project remains to provide our high school and college aged young adults with the best 1st Aid and emergency mitigation techniques possible. And, with the support of other American Red Cross Chapters across this great land, our young people will benefit from this training and when the those terrible times happen, as we know all to well that they will, instead of finding themselves in a hopeless condition without the knowledge of what to do, they will be armed with the life-saving skills to make a difference.