Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009 Summer Rapid Response Camp

The summer 2009 camp was a great success. Campers went out for a four day camping trip July 18-21. Our program included hiking and camping safety, 1st Responder training along with Land Nav and SAR training. It was not as comfy as the hotel style accomodations we have had in the past but it was definitely a learning experience. Everyone did a fantastic job. Very proud of their effort. Some campers were involved in more physical activities than others and needed to be much more mobile than those who stayed at base camp. Field teams actively moved around the area conducting search and rescue operations and spent the night in the field. Base camp personnel remained at the same location throughout the camp and were responsible for coordinating the overall search operation. It does look promising that we will have our funding back for next year so we should be back at the 4H Center in 2010.